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My job is to create great imagery with impact. Photography that sells products and lifestyles! Over the years I have learned by working with the best In-house marketing teams at L'oreal USA, Revlon, Almay,  Harper's Bazaar, Hearst Creative, Forbes, Condé Nast, C&G Media Group, Instyle, Tiffany & Co. Bulgari and the Creative team at Maidenform. I provide clients with the full range of creative services from producing a shoot from start to finish, propping producing and working with the in-house team's existing ideas to produce marketing and advertising deliverables that maintain the corporate identity.


Photographing life, love, and Happiness
— Ron Reeves


Ron Reeves is a rare talent - a photographer with more than twenty years of concentrated studio experience who's also traveled the world to shoot extraordinary items: jewelry in Cartier's Paris atelier; Swiss luxury watches in Beverly Hills; custom-made automobiles in Culver City; a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud at the Forbes mansion; beautifully-designed interiors in Miami; and elegant restaurant offerings on Madison Avenue. He's positioned himself in New York and California , but is prepared to go wherever the job takes him.

Reeves has an adventurous mind-he's always looking for ideas and experiences that will draw viewers further into his work. He learned at an early age how to communicate through photography, and the simplest object can excite him and (using light as an interpreter) be translated into art. He wants to share experiences as he sees them: he's full of life, and this energy is evident in his work. At the University of Kansas, he studied art, design and film-based photography-then he moved to New York to assist one of the era's most popular fashion photographers, Arthur Elgort. Working with Elgort, Reeves found himself literally immersed in fashion-he spent his days surrounded by the top stylists, models, designers and editors from the American, Italian and German editions of VOGUE. This experience deepened his knowledge of fashion, and in turn found expression in the striking images he produced when he ultimately turned his hand to still-life and product photography.

- Mark Grischke (Creative Director Forbes)